TEMPUS project:
Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery

The proceedings papers of "Research in the filed of social work, social protection and social policy" was promoted on 01.12.2015. The promotion took place at Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad in front of full auditorium. Jelisaveta Todoroic, from University of Nis, was the spokesperson during the event, and she placed the  publishing of proceedings papers in a wider context of work at TEMPUS project SHESPSS. Other spokespersons were editors (Zorica Kuburić, Marija Zotovič, Marko Škorić, Aleksej Kišjuhas), reviewers (Nevenka Žegarac, Slađana Zuković, Natalija Perišić),and representatives of practitioners from the fields for which the proceedings papers is partially intended.


During the promotion, people could see the summary of the proceedings papers which was divided into three parts, and it contains, theoretical and methodological attachments based on empiric evidence, as well as those that display some techniques and methods of work in the field of social work. In the light of endeavors of University of Nis and Novi Sad to ascertain BA and Ma programs in the field of social work and social policy, as well as the efforts of University of Belgrade to innovate the existing programs, the proceedings papers can be viewed as useful teaching material and instruction manual for  professional work in these fields.