TEMPUS project:
Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery

At a meeting held on November 30 at the Palace of Serbia, the partner organizations, as a part of the activities at the TEMPUS project SHESPSS, worked on the harmonization of the following project results:

  1. Qualification standards for the basic academic studies of social policy and social work
  2. Qualification standards for the educational profiles at the master academic studies: Sociologist in Social Welfare, Social Pedagogue and Social Worker
  3. Scope of work of the new educational profiles

After the interactive and fruitful work, the partners agreed that the progress was made towards a consensus on the meeting topics but that additional work is necessary on the harmonization of some elements of qualification standards for these professions at different study levels.


At the meeting of the team members from the University of Niš held on March 9, 2017, the final version of the standards for social work and social policy – basic academic studies, which went through several stages of harmonization after the meeting organized on November 30, 2016, was accepted.

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