TEMPUS project:
Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery

For the purpose of realizing the goals on TEMPUS project SHESPSS, team members visited partner University of Catania, in Italy.

The subject of this knowledge exchange are seminars on the following topics:

1. Social politics- educational profiles, qualification standards and classification of job, Sociology and social work – bridging the theory and professional education – experience of University n Catania, as well as
2. Existing fields of social work student’s practice and relevant regulation in EU-27 countries.

The visit to the University of Catania lasted from 2nd to 9th March 2015.
In addition to partner’s institutions from Serbia – University of Nis, Belgrade and Novi Sad and representatives of expert associations, which also take the role of the partner on this project, the seminar was attended by representatives from foreign partnerinstitutions: Institute of Education, University of London, as well as University College Zealand from Denmark.


This visit is a part of process that leads towards basic goal of the project – strengthening the space in high education intended for social policy and social work studies.

Using the experience of our colleagues from University of Catania, but also the experience of the partners from two foreign universities and team members from partner institutions in Serbia, we will work on defining the educational profiles, which are in the focus of the project, through refinement of qualification standards, systematization of jobs, as well as bridging the theory and field work. The goal of these activities is to create the study programs for education of students that will equip them enough insight and practical skills necessary for solving complex social problems of contemporary Serbian society in the field of social policy and social protection.

Seminar was an opportunity to look back on the activates we had so far, and on results in creating BA and MA study programs, which are the most important results of the SHESPSS TEMPUS project. During the meeting devoted to the aspect of monitoring activities, the management of the project analysed the previous accomplishments, and briefly introduced the plans for the future. This visit was an opportunity for the members of Serbian team to meet with rich history and culture of Catania, and Sicily in general.

See some pictures from our gallery that illustrate both working and free activities parts of the seminar.

Download agendas of the seminar held in Catrania: Agenda 1 and Agenda 2