TEMPUS project:
Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery

We held a workshop at Faculty of political science in Belgrade and addressed the issues of standards, qualifications and mobility within TEMPUS project. The participants were greeted by prof. Dr. Ilija Vujacic, the Dean of the Faculty of political science, then prof. Dr. Nevenka Zegaraca, from the Department for social policy and social work at the Faculty of political sciences opened a three-day workshop and presented its plan and program.

Nevenka Zegarac pointed out: "As with all the other gatherings, we have high expectations from this one as well. Our expectations are primarily directed towards narrowing down standards and competencies, as well as, reaching an agreement concerning social work and social policy."


At the very beginning of the workshop, the participants stated their expectations concerning the mobility of the professors and students, improving practice, and elaborating the qualifications of social workers. Professors and assistants form University of Nis and University of Belgrade, employees of the Republic Institute for social protection, Center for Independent living of persons with disabilities, Social Protection Professionals Association of Serbia as well as guests from Universities in Catania and London, all attended the workshop.

Some of the topics this workshop is going to tackle are standards and competencies for education in the field of social work, and their implementation in work with adults, elderly people, children and young people, education in the field of suppressing poverty, as well as education on mental hygiene.

See and download workshop presentations.

You can also see some of the photos taken during the workshop.