TEMPUS project:
Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery
Category: Implementation
Number of Subcategories: 8
folder_red.png WP1 (DEV)
Subcategories: 7
Files: 100
Baseline studies, mapping and knowledge-transfer in the field of social policy making and social services delivery
folder_red.png WP2 (DEV)
Subcategories: 7
Files: 55
Curriculum development in social policy making and social service delivery at 3 Serbian universities at all levels of study
folder_red.png WP3 (DEV)
Subcategories: 1
Files: 11
Teacher training for Serbian HE institutions' staff at IOE
folder_red.png WP4 (DEV)
Subcategories: 5
Files: 28
Piloting, evaluation and revision of developed study programmes and courses
folder_red.png WP5 (QPLN)
Subcategories: 2
Files: 17
Quality control of the SHESPSS project
folder_red.png WP6 (DISS)
Subcategories: 3
Files: 73
Dissemination of the project results
folder_red.png WP7 (EXP)
Subcategories: 1
Files: 24
Exploitation of the project results
folder_red.png WP8 (MNGT)
Subcategories: 2
Files: 50
Management of the project