TEMPUS project:
Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery

Wider objective:

  • Strengthen higher education in the field of social policy making and social services delivery by developing new study programmes, improving existent study programmes and establish effective links between academic programs and social and labour market needs.

The SHESPSS project has 4 specific objectives:

  1. To introduce new study programmes and courses in Social policy making and social work at all 3 cycles at Higher Education (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.),

  2. To improve existent study programmes at all 3 cycles at Higher Education (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) by strengthening students capacity for working with the empowerment of vulnerable groups, social policy measures and the evaluation and monitoring of social policy programs and services,

  3. To diversify Higher Education in the field of social policy and social work and thereby enabling graduated students to work on variety of tasks and with variety of groups in need for social services,

  4. To initiate and prepare material for the future national qualification standards and mutually adjusting national jobs classification and educational profiles of students in the field of social policy and social service delivery.
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